This is a network of cameras designed specifically for Australian pilots to view weather conditions at an aerodrome. "A picture says a thousand words". We have also added very valuable information on the images themselves designed to help the pilot whilst in flight.

The images are automatically uploaded to a server and relevant weather information is added onto the image. This occurs approximately every 5 minutes. A timestamp is added for both the image and the weather observation. If there is a METAR on the image it also has its own timestamp. These are made available every 30 minutes. Some of the weather information is obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology and some is obtained from weather stations owned and operated by the aerodrome operators.

This project started as a collaborative effort from myself and Rob Loneragan at the Rylstone Airpark. We installed 4 cameras and a Davis weather station to benefit the airpark owners and local travelling pilots. Over a few months with many adjustments we had some really nice and useful images available on our own website. The images were soon available on the Ozrunways navigational platform and we had many enquiries about replicating the same for others. is a place to collect the data and display it in a way that pilots and aviation enthusiast want to see it. It is an intermediate step to be able to have these images available on your own website and also to provide them to third party platforms like Avplan and Ozrunways

Do you have an aerodrome and want to see your images in this way? I can mail out a preconfigured camera, power supply and cable that just needs to be mounted to an external surface and plugged into a router. Once you have done this the images are uploaded to the Skycam network. For more information contact me

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