This is a call out to anyone who can help the general aviation community with providing a suitable location to host a camera. The locations we are looking for are in the Blue Mountains area. Katoomba or Mount Victoria.

To be a suitable candidate you will have an excellent view of the sky showing the surrounding terrain of the area. Ideally this will be in a high up location. You will need to have a connection to an internet router nearby. The camera connects to the router via an ethernet cable. The camera uploads 2.6 GB for month. All equipment will be provided free of charge but it will be up to the candidate to carry out the installation and look after the camera. Normally this is just mounting the camera and plugging it in. Occasionally cleaning a spider web off the lens.

The skycam weather cameras are of great use to travelling pilots and emergency services that travel in the area. Because the Great Dividing Range is an obstacle to cross it is an area that is termed a "critical locality" An image can be very helpful to aircrew in pre-planning and decision making. The images are also of use to people who have an interest in weather observation.

If you think you can help and would like to participate please contact me or phone: 0427 243 983

VH-SXI out camping